Welcome to the official website of David Hull and the Funk Noîse Orchestra!


House of the Rising Sun

This project was produced with the help of NOVAC video in New Orleans.

David Hull - Piano/Vocals
Spencer Knapp - Drums
Jams Marotta - Drums
Haruka Kikuchi - Trombone
Simon Birch - Trumpet
Gordon Towell - Sax

This live recording led to the creation of another project, Prohibition Records.


Dave's specialty: Honky Tonk Piano.


 My dear sweet grandmum was in hospice care, and she requested "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue". Since there were no pianos around, I found a chapel and streamed it live to her hospital room:



Expect a follow-up to "Beethoven on a Pink Balloon" soon! My stage antics were spontaneously captured during a cruise ship performance, and went viral on Reddit shortly after. A long voyage can breed boredom, so if you've ever wondered how to play Beethoven on a balloon, take a cruise.



 Many of you have come to know me as a piano bar performer. If you'd like to book a live performance, contact me! I've been involved with many projects in various capacities, including performance, audio and video production, and even managing a piano bar. In other words, I love collaborations!

What's New:

It's been a busy year of noise making around the U.S.! To keep up with my latest projects, visit www.prohibitionrecords.org.


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