David Hull - Pianoforte, bass, trumpet, vocals, balloon, turkey baster, & typewriter

David Hull started tinkering with his family's piano at 3 years old. By the age of 8 he was performing with his father's Dixieland band at festivals across America. At 17 he got the opportunity to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, then moved to Paris as a young music student. Eventually he was hired as a piano bar entertainer on cruise ships which grew his repertoire to well over a thousand songs, drawing from 5 different centuries of popular music.

Dave has traveled to more than 60 countries and territories to perform, and currently resides in New Orleans. He frequently hits the road and continues work on a diverse catalog of media and collaborative projects.

No matter the venue, Dave is a chameleon and can perform to a wide range of audiences. Performances range from rowdy all-request shows to intimate listening room performances featuring original music. Visit Dave's tour page to follow his busy performance schedule.

Funk NoƮse Orchestra

Funk Noîse Orchestra started as a series of jam sessions at the Landmark Bar in Fresno, California. David Hull led the way with local musicians, and the sessions steadily grew in attendance. One of the spectators suggested bringing pots and pans so the jam could include non-musicians. After a trip to the thrift store, Funk Noîse was born.

To promote his projects, Dave established Funk Noîse Enternational as a production/promotions company. Dave tours the world carrying his Zoom H2, a laptop, and a cheap camcorder to produce music and videos from the road. FNO has produced dozens of songs and videos, including viral hits "Mozart a la Bass Guitar" and "Beethoven on a Pink Balloon". FNO continues to develop Dave's signature recorded sound using both real and unorthodox instruments and voices. Visit FNO's Youtube channel to watch them all!